Hair Removal and Inhibitor Kit FAQs

NOTICE: We strongly recommend performing a small skin patch test prior to applying our hair removal spray to larger areas of your body.

If you have skin concerns please review our ingredients and consult your physician or dermatologist before use.

It this safe on sensitive skin?

  • Yes. Our hair removal spray is formulated to be safe and gentle on sensitive skin including all skin types, textures, and tones.
Is this safe for use on intimate regions?
  • Yes. You may use our hair removal spray and inhibitor on sensitive areas including the bikini area.
Is your product cruelty-free?
  • Yes. We do not test on or harm any animals in the making our of products.
Is your product vegan?
  • Yes. We do not use animal products.
Can this help with ingrown hairs and “strawberry legs?”
  • Shaving causes many forms of painful irritation. By eliminating the use of the razor, our product drastically decreases the likelihood of these uncomfortable reactions.

    Additionally, when paired with our growth inhibitor, overtime you can significantly reduce the need for hair removal entirely and with that, ingrown hair and strawberry legs.

Does my hair need to be a certain length or can I use this on stubble?

  • Your hair does not need to be a certain length. If our hair removal and inhibitor spray can reach the root of your hair, hair removal is possible.

How often do I need to use the hair removal spray?

  • Only as often as you would normally feel the desire to shave.

How often do I need to use the hair growth inhibitor?

  • You may use your inhibitor spray as often as you wish in order to assist in reducing hair regrowth. We recommend using the hair inhibitor spray immediately after removal so that it may better penetrate the hair follicle.

Can this be used on my face?

  • Yes. When using our hair removal spray, we recommend to use caution around your eyes and nose.

How long do I need to use this the hair inhibitor spray before I see results?

  • Many users cite a noticeable difference in thinner and slower hair regrowth after the first few uses of our inhibitor spray. Most see significant results within 4-8 weeks.

    Is this effective on thick/coarse hair?

    • Yes, it is effective on all hair types and textures when used according to the product instructions.

    How does the hair removal spray smell?

    • Our hair removal spray has been described to emit a yolky mild smell.

    Is this safe over my tattoos?

    • Yes. Our hair removal and inhibitor spray do not affect tattoos.

    I’m pregnant, is this safe for me?

    • Please review the product ingredients and consult your physician before use.

    How Long Does The Hair Removal and Inhibitor Spray Last?

    • Each bottle will last bout 8 full body uses or about 1 month of consistent use.

    What is the cost of shipping? How long does it take? Where do you ship to?

    We offer free 2-3 week international shipping.

    What is your returns & refunds policy or guarantee?
    • We offer a 30 day guarantee on all purchases. Please review our returns & refunds page.

    Where can I reach customer support if I have any questions about my product?

    • You may email our customer care team at You may also use our contact form or social media.